Embracing your divinity through creativity.

The starving God within us all strives to slice it’s way into history. The insatiable appetite can rip our viscera into shreds but the cure is thankfully simple.

I’ll quote a passage from “The Way of the Fight” by the pugilistic battle master Georges St. Pierre.

The Aristotelean term arete is about looking into your own soul and not only discovering what it is that can make you great, but also identifying the source of that greatness and activating it every single day of your life. It’s the well you draw from when there’s no other resource. It’s the absolute truth that sits in the deepest part of your soul.

The information highway allows us all to spread our souls into the world with the click of a semen encrusted mouse. We here at the Highest Order love spreading our seed to as many inviting places as possible and we will continue to forge our greedy little desires while blood flows from our thick and healthy veins. Whether the accessibility muddies the waters or strengthens the flow of creative divinity is a question for another day. Right now it is up to us all to embrace arete and share our green while we chase our dreams.

Good Journey!

Why do fat people get the job over ME??

Lets open this bitch up with an apology, I don’t mean to offend ANYONE, I’m a nobody, I can’t tell you how to feel or how to act so don’t take anything I say seriously. But seriously WHY? I’m scratching and clawing for a job like a horny dog smells an asshole and yet I see people struggling for breathe withholding a job. Perhaps its luck, perhaps they have a hidden talent I don’t have, I’m sure of it.

But on another note, before you purchase another two hundred dollar jacket, email me fifty dollars.

Clean your fucking shoes and brush your teeth once a week. Hey,hey,hey I’m just saying how you should live your life, you already let someone else do that for you right now, right? An older woman once told me they hate someone saying Hey to them, well HEY FUCK YOU.


– The Highest Order


Just breathe.

Our movements are a rhythmic pulse engrossing us in the flow of existence. The countless fingers moving towards goals and destruction can become an overwhelming thought as the macrocosm becomes impossible to truly comprehend. Sometimes all one can do is focus on what is concrete and manipulable, for example, breath.


When impenetrable glass places your brain in a corner to be violently cornered and fucked by your worries it is easy to let the torment soak into you. Satisfying our basic human functions can be a simple yet reliable solution. Releasing the fire burning our souls is a possibility.


Simply inhale through the nose and exhale through your lickable mouth, using your dynamic diaphragm as the pulsing engine. Simple as it may sound the technique is something we must practice day by day if we want to truly enjoy our glorious play.


The dirt calls your name!

The Highest Order seeks to scale summits before our precious health plummets. The dirt beneath our feet can tell stories worth hearing and we beg you to weave your own
The collective unconscious drives our overstimulated minds toward crippling delirium. We guarantee your bare feet will love grass, bring pleasure to your feet for pity’s sake! Always remember this rock is home for now and the power it holds can shape your reckless trajectory in the most magnificent ways. Get those toes nice and dirty!Macro_Dirty_Feet_by_insightct

Shout at the top of your lungs!

Wake up, wake up, wake up it’s not the first of the month. It’s a new day, so before you hit that door pound a bottle of water, knock out twenty push ups and grab a slice of  lime  and gnar that fucker with your two front teeth.

Today is YOUR day. So stop tip-toeing in your shoes and buy a mansion. There’s never any reason when the HO Lama makes a post on the blog. It’s here to make you smile, make you feel things, like when a perfect word forms across the jigsaw board.

I piss away the words, well I pissed in  the back of my truck at work today. Yes it was legal. But as the day goes on I roll down my window and stare at the woman silently holding her dog. The dog, he, moves and the owner shouts STOP IT RUMPY, STOP IT.

Enjoy your day. You, you.

– The HO Lama


Testing your meat.

marijuana-muscleThe almighty sensual enhancer we joyously breathe into our rotting lungs feeds a burning desire for improvement. Testing your temporary meat amplifies the precious clarity we so often chase. A shimmering pooter is a glorious sight, but a shiny well sculpted bum is even more fun!

tumblr_mb2jatTxrz1rw2a8zo1_500BhDN79ICAAAnBIJI don’t know who that glorious woman is but I bet she can smoke you under the table because she doesn’t have time for jovial competition, she’s CONSTANTLY squatting! RVD smokes tons of weed and it’s probably responsible for his huge ass!

Buff butts will make you happier, I guarantee it HO’s!

I fucking LOVE my dog!

IMG_0849I love my dog and I’m not afraid to fucking show it! If your dog comes remotely close to being as amazing as Betty Spaghetti I dare you to fucking prove it!

IMG_0622She loves smelling flowers and she can smell evilness like a vegan turd, so if you’re evil watch your butt punk!

BhqT89LCQAAjXByIf you hug her for more than five minutes you may receive Senzu Bean-like rejuvenation giving you the power to conquer Kakarot! My dog will eat my snot and ear wax limiting the waste build up in my apartment. She warns me of invaders and sucks hostility out like an assassin of bad vibes. I hope you love something as much as I love Betty Spaghetti!Bg4HDbDCcAAD5h-