The Gentle Art of Boogying.

Meat is meant to move. If you are gifted the amazing act of balance and movement eventually you’ll start groovin’!

This man is also a guitar wielding wizard, check out Animals as Leaders.

The pulsing movement accompanying some jammin’ tunes is an undeniable blast. If you don’t like boogying you probably haven’t done it hard enough yet maaaaaaaan.


Find the groove that satisfies your favorite flavor and move till stuff hurts. HeadBang yourself into a concussion, your braincells can regrow if you stuff your nose into a book(I recommend Gates of Fire by Stephen Pressfield). Your slowly rotting meat demands your attention and getting wiggly is a guaranteed body treat.

I urge you to get up right now and do the FUCKING HOKEY POKEY…because that just so happens to be what it’s ALL about!

Inhale some green medicine while your at it, hook yourself up for once, you’re a miracle.

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