Minding the “War” in the North

Unsheathing your positivity blade amongst a sea of grinding ooze can be an overwhelming task. The mind can reveal even more ash whilst being intertwined with the sensual enhancement our favorite herb provides. The struggles swallowing Ukraine currently dip into world politics as old alliances(G8) choose their sides. putin-3

The higher I get the more I ponder Putin. The complexities history provided us have created an equally complex individual whose actions make resounding effects. Blood is the main effect worrying me right now. To be honest similarly large scale conflicts have always muddied the information highway as it becomes more and more difficult to sift through right, wrong, and blatant propaganda.Paranoid_One_Revised

Living with this hostility may be a part of the human condition for countless lifetimes but my heart still steers toward a green solution. As long as a group is displaying empathy as an example of a more fulfilling existence I feel we can grasp that oh so elusive ideal society.3b9476adcaccf2166113e09c83a2a48f 

Go outside and smell your existence in all it’s horror and beauty, stay vibrant HO’s!

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