The fight to share your bud.

Those bears with shit eating grins always said sharing is caring and the older I get the more they sound like fucking geniuses.

ImageUnfortunately some things are easier said than done. Economic realities make themselves apparent from time to time making generosity a target. Sometimes sharing might not be caring about yourself… so what must one do? Looking into your own guts will likely reveal the answer. Whether your guts are empty or filled to the brim you know what makes an honest grin. Sharing our precious fucking time creates a Katamari Damacy-like ball of grooviness and memories that shake the borders of our limited reach!

ImageThe smiles that last a while are worth waiting for. If you have to wait for a time when generosity flows from your danky mitts more easily you are going to win whether you want to or not!

Share that which grows the most beautiful hair. HO HO HO!

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