Finding the truest mask.


We all slop foreign material onto our greasy and decaying faces. Age and novel experiences make us fleshy clay, forever morphing perceptions. Unfortunately some shape-shifters shoot honesty directly in the face, while others attempt to forge an honest path to the brightness inside.


We exist in a constant state of marketing and advertisement attempting to engulf every drop of purity. Many simply cannot find a sense of self in the barrage, or perhaps I should say many cannot destroy selfishness amongst the corporate bullets. Guilt doesn’t provide any useful tools in our fight for truth. We must forgive even if we must pound forgiveness into our big dumb brains.

Steve Urkel knows what I’m trying to spit out!

What I’m clumsily attempting to say is we must fight to find the self before we can destroy it and unify our boundless potential. Empathy isn’t a mask, it is a pulse of energy unifying us in the chaos we call existence.


Speak, use your voice and type your passion.

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