Rearview pleasure.


In the dust of the holy date, sprinkling bunny cult eggs and bong fodder on a gorgeous spring day is now a slippery memory. Zombie Jesus has bestowed his bountiful brain hungry soul upon our sinful skin and now we must realize life is ours to win.


What must one do when the fun has set with the sun? The Highest Order traveled to the desert pleasures waiting to be sipped at Coachella Fest, a groovy conglomeration of performance consumption. Memories of ear candy and overpriced treats will gently wash over the miraculous minds of thousands of hungry souls but how useful can this be?

Silly youthfulness shines a healthy dose of appreciation into the corridors of our mysterious existence. Whether you’re a displaced mentality hoping to party hard in your rotting 60 year old shell or an aimless teen imitating a false idol fun is fun. Burying all of one’s energy in a quest for the next smile is obviously a misguided pursuit ending in indulgent self hatred but allowing past pleasures to be juicy fuel can be a useful tool.

Bananas and bears have as much fun as the beach has sand.

Mindful pleasure can burst our brains with tactical joy bringing strategies. Orchestrating your future smiles with honest intent can be time well spent. Your meaty shell can find itself in plenty of coin tosses where the kind heart can help tip the toss in your favor. Remember what made you smile hard instead of waiting for more fun to eat like spiritual lard.

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