The Plight of Mr. Diaz

I enjoy watching people fight for money. It is one of the most thrilling spectacles available whether you are watching it on your TV or attending in person. One of the most intriguing figures in Mixed Martial Arts is undoubtedly Nick Diaz. His in ring shit talking and his undeniably proficient skills in the martial arts make him a favorite of the HO.

Mystery wrapped in an enigma.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has decided to suspend Nick for 5 years because of his 3rd failed marijuana test and many are upset. They can potentially take away the greatest years of Nick’s fighting career and legally rob him of his bounty.

Nick is an athlete notably fueled by medical marijuana.

Now the blame game comes to the surface. Many argue weed is a harmless and beneficial blessing on anyone living an active lifestyle and it is unjust to persecute him or anybody. Others say despite these opinions, he still broke the rules 3 times and had to expect consequences. I understand both arguments and my gut says to rage against the dorky people wronging one of my favorite fighters. But at the end of the day I think we can learn from this situation. Nick lived a life that threw many obstacles in his path but he always tried to live as a martial artist while being clawed by adversity. He’s a good dude caught in a rough situation we all can find ourselves in. Even though the world is rapidly becoming aware of the benefits our favorite plant has to offer, it can still be used to discredit or deter our success. Sometimes when you don’t agree with the rules at the time, you have to choose what is important over a good bowl of stony bliss.

Can’t get too cozy sometimes.

Both Nick and the NSAC made mistakes in all of this but life often deals us these types of situations. It is up to us to make the correct decision and know when to stand up and fight for our right to blaze happily. Nick is going to be okay, I’d love to take a bong rip before he shows me how to gogoplata a jive turkey, ya dig?

His glories will never be killed.

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