Just breathe.

Our movements are a rhythmic pulse engrossing us in the flow of existence. The countless fingers moving towards goals and destruction can become an overwhelming thought as the macrocosm becomes impossible to truly comprehend. Sometimes all one can do is focus on what is concrete and manipulable, for example, breath.


When impenetrable glass places your brain in a corner to be violently cornered and fucked by your worries it is easy to let the torment soak into you. Satisfying our basic human functions can be a simple yet reliable solution. Releasing the fire burning our souls is a possibility.


Simply inhale through the nose and exhale through your lickable mouth, using your dynamic diaphragm as the pulsing engine. Simple as it may sound the technique is something we must practice day by day if we want to truly enjoy our glorious play.


The dirt calls your name!

The Highest Order seeks to scale summits before our precious health plummets. The dirt beneath our feet can tell stories worth hearing and we beg you to weave your own
The collective unconscious drives our overstimulated minds toward crippling delirium. We guarantee your bare feet will love grass, bring pleasure to your feet for pity’s sake! Always remember this rock is home for now and the power it holds can shape your reckless trajectory in the most magnificent ways. Get those toes nice and dirty!Macro_Dirty_Feet_by_insightct

Testing your meat.

marijuana-muscleThe almighty sensual enhancer we joyously breathe into our rotting lungs feeds a burning desire for improvement. Testing your temporary meat amplifies the precious clarity we so often chase. A shimmering pooter is a glorious sight, but a shiny well sculpted bum is even more fun!

tumblr_mb2jatTxrz1rw2a8zo1_500BhDN79ICAAAnBIJI don’t know who that glorious woman is but I bet she can smoke you under the table because she doesn’t have time for jovial competition, she’s CONSTANTLY squatting! RVD smokes tons of weed and it’s probably responsible for his huge ass!

Buff butts will make you happier, I guarantee it HO’s!

I fucking LOVE my dog!

IMG_0849I love my dog and I’m not afraid to fucking show it! If your dog comes remotely close to being as amazing as Betty Spaghetti I dare you to fucking prove it!

IMG_0622She loves smelling flowers and she can smell evilness like a vegan turd, so if you’re evil watch your butt punk!

BhqT89LCQAAjXByIf you hug her for more than five minutes you may receive Senzu Bean-like rejuvenation giving you the power to conquer Kakarot! My dog will eat my snot and ear wax limiting the waste build up in my apartment. She warns me of invaders and sucks hostility out like an assassin of bad vibes. I hope you love something as much as I love Betty Spaghetti!Bg4HDbDCcAAD5h-

Minding the “War” in the North

Unsheathing your positivity blade amongst a sea of grinding ooze can be an overwhelming task. The mind can reveal even more ash whilst being intertwined with the sensual enhancement our favorite herb provides. The struggles swallowing Ukraine currently dip into world politics as old alliances(G8) choose their sides. putin-3

The higher I get the more I ponder Putin. The complexities history provided us have created an equally complex individual whose actions make resounding effects. Blood is the main effect worrying me right now. To be honest similarly large scale conflicts have always muddied the information highway as it becomes more and more difficult to sift through right, wrong, and blatant propaganda.Paranoid_One_Revised

Living with this hostility may be a part of the human condition for countless lifetimes but my heart still steers toward a green solution. As long as a group is displaying empathy as an example of a more fulfilling existence I feel we can grasp that oh so elusive ideal society.3b9476adcaccf2166113e09c83a2a48f 

Go outside and smell your existence in all it’s horror and beauty, stay vibrant HO’s!

The fight to share your bud.

Those bears with shit eating grins always said sharing is caring and the older I get the more they sound like fucking geniuses.

ImageUnfortunately some things are easier said than done. Economic realities make themselves apparent from time to time making generosity a target. Sometimes sharing might not be caring about yourself… so what must one do? Looking into your own guts will likely reveal the answer. Whether your guts are empty or filled to the brim you know what makes an honest grin. Sharing our precious fucking time creates a Katamari Damacy-like ball of grooviness and memories that shake the borders of our limited reach!

ImageThe smiles that last a while are worth waiting for. If you have to wait for a time when generosity flows from your danky mitts more easily you are going to win whether you want to or not!

Share that which grows the most beautiful hair. HO HO HO!

Nah cuz, I ain’t take no bath!

I stand in a water soaked Sandy Eggo and my mind has drifted toward the importance of our wet ally. When I walk by a florally stinky excuse for a man I say to myself “What is your damage little boy?” Where is the musk and truth seeking pheromones?! The drought will batter us if we don’t take the proper steps, leaving us with sugar drenched shams pretending to be beverages. Time for the Ho’s to take action!

These kids have the right flippin’ idea! If the idea of your own filth induces vomit I have a solution. Pick yourself up a stock of Defense Soap wipes, they’ll give you a naturally squeaky clean carcass without pillaging our precious water supply.
Limiting the vanity laden process of water cleansing will make us all way sexier.
Mmmmmm, you know they smell divine.

Take a stand Ho’s, get stinky.