Why do fat people get the job over ME??

Lets open this bitch up with an apology, I don’t mean to offend ANYONE, I’m a nobody, I can’t tell you how to feel or how to act so don’t take anything I say seriously. But seriously WHY? I’m scratching and clawing for a job like a horny dog smells an asshole and yet I see people struggling for breathe withholding a job. Perhaps its luck, perhaps they have a hidden talent I don’t have, I’m sure of it.

But on another note, before you purchase another two hundred dollar jacket, email me fifty dollars.

Clean your fucking shoes and brush your teeth once a week. Hey,hey,hey I’m just saying how you should live your life, you already let someone else do that for you right now, right? An older woman once told me they hate someone saying Hey to them, well HEY FUCK YOU.


– The Highest Order