Becoming the “Punter” of your inner Shawn Hunter


Many teachers helped tip the balance of our youthful minds. Unfortunately our noodles are easily put into punishing bubbles. The tortured soul of Shawn Hunter will be the chosen metaphor of this post because his hair is fucking amazing.

We’ve all fallen victim to “Shawn Hunter Syndrome”, a disorder I will define as an unfortunately real reaction when life gets too real.

While I won’t diminish the value of keepin’ it muh fuckin’ real, I will analyze the crippling stress it may provide. There are boatloads of Shawn Hunter tributes available with a few simple clicks, his realness has affected tons of reckless youth. We can see ourselves reflected in his tears.

While we can’t erase the Shawn within us, we can slap him around and tell him everything will be ok. As long as we let our wise Feeny fingers guide us to reason and progress our inner Shawn will get out of the trailer park.


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