Embracing your divinity through creativity.

The starving God within us all strives to slice it’s way into history. The insatiable appetite can rip our viscera into shreds but the cure is thankfully simple.

I’ll quote a passage from “The Way of the Fight” by the pugilistic battle master Georges St. Pierre.

The Aristotelean term arete is about looking into your own soul and not only discovering what it is that can make you great, but also identifying the source of that greatness and activating it every single day of your life. It’s the well you draw from when there’s no other resource. It’s the absolute truth that sits in the deepest part of your soul.

The information highway allows us all to spread our souls into the world with the click of a semen encrusted mouse. We here at the Highest Order love spreading our seed to as many inviting places as possible and we will continue to forge our greedy little desires while blood flows from our thick and healthy veins. Whether the accessibility muddies the waters or strengthens the flow of creative divinity is a question for another day. Right now it is up to us all to embrace arete and share our green while we chase our dreams.

Good Journey!

Speak, use your voice and type your passion.

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