Just breathe.

Our movements are a rhythmic pulse engrossing us in the flow of existence. The countless fingers moving towards goals and destruction can become an overwhelming thought as the macrocosm becomes impossible to truly comprehend. Sometimes all one can do is focus on what is concrete and manipulable, for example, breath.


When impenetrable glass places your brain in a corner to be violently cornered and fucked by your worries it is easy to let the torment soak into you. Satisfying our basic human functions can be a simple yet reliable solution. Releasing the fire burning our souls is a possibility.


Simply inhale through the nose and exhale through your lickable mouth, using your dynamic diaphragm as the pulsing engine. Simple as it may sound the technique is something we must practice day by day if we want to truly enjoy our glorious play.


Speak, use your voice and type your passion.

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